About Us

Welcome to IDOIT4TV.COM,

We officially launched the company in 2010 after working very closely with another popular urban website. Being in the entertainment business and having worked with a lot of urban artists we realized two things #1. Fans wanted more content, and they didn’t really want to scour the internet for that content, they wanted to see it all in one place similar to the way they watched traditional television or the way they listened to FM radio. #2. Artists at every level needed more ways to get content to their fans. From established artists to the new independent artists, they all need more ways to reach their fan base as well as new ways to attract newer fans.

Our goal is to offer more entertainment to our visitors, and to offer more exposure to the celebrities that we feature on the site. Currently we have the website, a weekly TV show, a mobile app, a monthly mixtape, plus a magazine and a radio show in the works. When an artist comes to us to for our promotional services we have a full network that we use to promote their content. We love to provide you with exclusive content from Interviews, and Behind The Scenes footage, to comedy skits and new coverage. We also love to hear from you, so feel free to offer advice on our contact page, or hit one of the people below.

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