UK Rapper Lady Leshurr Says Atlantic Offered Her 250k To Diss Nicki Minaj

UK rapper Lady Leshurr said that an A&R from Atlantic Records flew her out and offered her 250k to diss Nicki Minaj. Lady Leshurr turned down the offer because she “got a weird vibe about the situation,” she explained in an interview with DJ Dubl back in January. “The fact that you only want me to do a diss record — that’s how you want to break me. You don’t want to break me because of my talent, you don’t want to break me because of how I sound and what my style’s like, you just want me to take down another female rapper.”


Well Nicki Minaj responded when she caught wind of it.


You can check out the full interview with Lady Leshurr here:

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