T.I. Discusses His Relationship With Lil Wayne After Black Lives Matter Comment

T.I. could not help but to publically share his opinions with longtime friend and collaborator Lil Wayne back in November after Weezy’s made disappointing comments about Black Lives Matter and all the killings of young black males by cops.When he sat down with Sway during one of March’s SXSW phases, T.I. revealed that he hadn’t spoken to Wayne since he penned the Instagram post reminding Wayne that he was straight tripping for his thoughts on the social activism movement. Adding that it was one of the hardest things he found himself having to do, TIP felt it necessary for those who may be influenced by the remarks.

“We can’t allow the fans and followers of lil’ bro to think, ‘OK, well if he say it and don’t nobody address it, it must be cool. So then I can go ahead and I can feel like this, too.’ But, no, because then you got a little army of people who’s going around here and that’s counterproductive to the movement.”

Part 1

Part 2


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