R.Kelly Being Sued For Sleeping With Sheriff Deputy’s Wife

According to Fox News, a former Mississippi sheriff’s deputy by the name of Kenny Bryant has filed a lawsuit against Kelly on the grounds that he had an affair with his wife, Asia Childress. Supposedly, Bryant was aware of the extramarital fling because his wife admitted it to him prior to their marriage in 2012. After attending his concerts, Bryant alleges in the lawsuit, Childress snuck back around with Kelly in that same year.

Bryant also believes she convinced him to resign from his job and move to Atlanta, Fox News reports, so that she could be closer to Kelly. After he allegedly contracted chlamydia from Childress, Bryant also details that Kelly is the culprit for the STD because he was infected around the time his wife reignited her affair with the “Ignition” singer. He will reportedly be filing for emotional and psychological damages, as well as financial loss.


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