Lil Wayne Cancels Show After A Drink Was Tossed At Him

Damn Wayne can’t catch a break! While perfoming on stage in Garden City, Idaho a fan decided to throw a drink at Lil’ Wayne which made him end the show abruptly after. When the fan threw the drink it pissed off Wayne which caused him to say this, “Let me tell you something! I don’t know if you thought I was a buster, but I’m rich, so I can’t throw one back. But watch this: goon squad, come here.”

A crew of men surround Tunechi on stage and he instructs the “goon squad” to return the favor to the drink-tossing fan.

“Throw that s**t back at ‘em,” he orders. “Throw it back at ‘em. Throw all that s**t back at these n****s. Show over, man. Whoever the n***a is in the middle, he just ruined y’all time — show over.”

Check out the footage here.

Lil Wayne never coming back to Idaho!

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