Charlamagne Tha God Talks About Drama With Wendy Williams

Charlamagne Tha God opened up about his estranged relationship with his ex boss and mentor, Wendy Williams and his falling out with both her and her husband. In his book, Black Privilege, he revealed some details from their past that led to their contentious relationship, which continues on today. However, it had nothing to do with Wendy directly herself.

Charlamagne revealed that it was actually William’s husband, Kevin Hunter, who is the reason for the fall out and explained the details due to a business deal gone bad with Kevin. Sometime when Charlamagne was fired from Wendy’s radio show (which he doesn’t blame her for), her husband, Kevin, became his manager and said he would represent Charlamagne in negotiations for a new job in Philadelphia. When Kevin countered the $70,000 offer with an ask of $350,000, things got messy.

“He was always extremely aggressive in trying to get more money out of situations,” Charlamagne recalls. “He’d yell at and often threaten people till he got what he wanted.” He goes on, “I can’t lie: It’s worked for him and Wendy. But it wasn’t how I wanted to do business.”

The disputes led Hunter to texting Charlamagne, “I’m not f*cking with you anymore. You did some foul sh*t. Lose my number.” After that, Charlamagne ended his friendship and business relationship with both Hunter and Williams.

Through all of this Charlamagne speaks positive of Wendy and there is no hard feelings harbored. “As for Wendy, she is the ultimate ride-or-die chick. I know she feels she has to have her husband’s back and I have to respect that,” he says.

He does, however, still remember a lesson he learned from the power couple: “One thing I learned not to do from watching her was to treat the people who work for you poorly. Wendy and Kev could be very cruel to the people who worked under them.”

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