Mary J. Blige Blasts Soon To Be Ex Husband On Twitter

If you have been keeping up with story and the interviews Mary has been doing lately she recently just opened up about her divorce with long time husband, Kendu Isaacs. Somehow her “real feelings” found their way to her twitter account or maybe she was “hacked”. She has mentioned how ugly and nasty it was getting, but has managed to keep a very clear head about the whole thing. Well the tweet has since been deleted, but as usual it’s always caught and screenshot before the deletion. I am inclined to believe Mary did it AND HAD THE RIGHT TO! She is at her breaking point.


Remember when she did that video singing to Hillary Clinton and took to twitter and cursed out everyone who had something to say then later deleted the tweet? Or in her interview with Angie Martinez she slipped up and accidentally cursed when discussing the divorce? Yeah Mary will let you have it in a second. Do you believe it was Mary or do you think she was hacked? Check out the tweet below.

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