SupaWave Osbourne- Blvcked Owt {Music Video}

Brooklyn, New York emcee SupaWave Osbourne presents the music video for “Blvcked Owt”, his new single produced by German beatsmith Rato. The video was directed by Trife Drew of Figure Eight Films. Osbourne says the song is about “going into the unknown with a fearless outlook. Knowing that you are an immortal spirit after everything is stripped away. The scenes with the white background are life and everything that comes with it, like knowledge, happiness, creativity, depression, expression, etc… Meanwhile the scenes in the darkness are the opposite of that. Whether it be death, afterlife, or simply, the unknown. The dichotomy is set up to show that we can be fully active and aware in all states, and, to know this and to not be afraid of anything. Whether in life or out of it. To not only not fear the other side but to embrace it, because in being BLVCKED OWT you can find light.”

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