French Montana Explains His Side Of The “Nappy Head” Comment

Twitter or shall I say black Twitter was in an uproar when French Montana went off on a woman who came from here out of nowhere on twitter in which he said his comment was in self defense of her coming at him sideways. Now the debate is half and half as some are saying he was in the right because he wasn’t just coming for her, she came at him first and then there’s other’s who are seriously upset and called him racist because no matter what the woman did his comment about a black woman and her hair was deemed insensitive.

French not only apologized, but called into The Breakfast Club to give an explanation on his side of things. I must say the comment was very harsh, but I doubt he’s racist. The man is black y’all smh.

This is the comment that set off the response.

This was his response.

Watch the video

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