We’re not all “attractive”

Ok, let’s keep it 100, we are not all super-fuckin-models so let’s stop acting like “everyone is beautiful” (in their own way). Unfortunately we live in a current era of social media and bullshit, I say bullshit because have you ever noticed that EVERYONE is a Gotdamned “celebrity” now days? I mean everybody is “doing it big” everyone is a “boss” everyone is “getting it”… I mean if EVERYONE is a BOSS, then where the hell are all the employees? Where are all the damned customers at? … I digress.

Here’s the thing, we can look into a room and comfortably say that X amount of people are skinny but we won’t with the same ease say how many people are fat, or we will identify which people are “Genius”, or “Very Smart”, but won’t point out the retards in the room? (Well some of us will, but most folks won’t even when they think it). Or we’ll say how many people are “gorgeous” but we won’t say how many people are ugly. Listen, you can’t identify attractiveness without also identifying ugliness, they go hand in hand. Now don’t get me wrong I am very aware of the fact that people have different tastes, or like different things, for instance hip-hop DJ Mr. Cee likes women with penises, no shade but that example just popped into mind. I once read an interview where singer John Mayer said his penis doesn’t get hard for black women,… OK, I get it, we all have preferences, but that doesn’t take away from the general consensus of who is attractive and who is ugly.

So, let’s start a new movement to stop pretending everyone looks good. I don’t look good, you don’t look good, the person you’re having sex with doesn’t look good, and your parents damn sure don’t look good. Stop telling your ugly ass friend she looks good, just STOP it! EVERYBODY AIN’T BEAUTIFUL, some of y’all look like a monkey shitted us out and put clothes on it. And that’s the end of the story, we ugly in the face and when we take our clothes off we scary looking in so many places. In 2017-2018 let’s just be more honest! Peace!

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