T.I. Doesn’t Believe That A Crackhead Caused The I85 Collapse

Three individuals were arrested for the collapse and fire of I85 in Atlanta on Friday, March 31st. However there was news that the persons responsible were crackheads. Now we were thinking that maybe this was an April fools joke, but AJC wasn’t kidding when they reported 39-year-old suspect in question, Basil Eleby, has been charged with first-degree arson and felony criminal damage to property, with a bond set at $200,000.

With such precision of the Interstate collapsing with no one hurt or dead there is no way a crackhead could have done that. It seems as if T.I. agrees and calls B.S. on the whole thing. T.I. got on IG to let us know how he feels. Is he wrong for having such suspicions? “Now I’ve heard some far out s**t in my day…but this s**t here tho?!?!,” Tip wrote, alluding to the fact that he feels we don’t have the complete story. “In all my experiences wit crack &/or crackheads I ain’t NEVER seen nothing like this s**t!!!”

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