Is Black Ink’s Ceaser Lying On His D*%^?

If you have been tuning to this season of Black Ink Crew, you’d know that it has taken some twists and turns that we never saw coming. We didn’t even see the break up between Ceaser and Dutchess coming, but in that break up Cease seems to have brought around a new lady by the name of Tatu Baby. Tatu Baby is a big deal tattoo artist in Miami and she first meets Ceaser on one of the episodes of Black Ink when he agrees to venture along with Sky to visit Miami while she gets some cosmetic work done.

He has insinuated on occasion that he may have slept with her mentioning on one episode “a gentleman never kisses and tells” and just recently “It’s better to have smashed and left, than to not have smashed at all,” he said.

However Tatu Baby took to Twitter and Instagram to tell her side of the story and to let people know that Ceaser is lying on his d*^& and they are just friends and never crossed that line.

#tatubaby clears up her realtionship with #ceaserblackink she said they was jus friends #gossiptwins

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