Lenny Kravitz To Honor Prince At Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame

For the 2017 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Lenny Kravitz was chosen to honor his late friend and legend, Prince at the April 7 Induction Ceremony in Brooklyn, N.Y.. Lenny Kravitz took to Twitter to express his emotions about what this means to him.

“I still haven’t really recovered,” Kravitz told Rolling Stone after Prince’s death in April 2016. “Not to be dramatic or overly sensitive, but I really feel like a piece of me died.”As you know many have paid tribute to Prince since his death, but this tribute is only right for a few reason.

Prince and Lenny were actually friends behind the scenes. He admired so much about Lenny Kravitz and being a very private person with a small circle he let Lenny in. They hung out together and played together often. I agree with Kravitz that I hate this tribute had to come for this reason, but Prince deserved this nonetheless and no one better deserves to bring in this honor than Lenny Kravitz himself.

Watch the powerful performance and friendship unfold during a Prince Rave Un2 The Joy Concert.

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