Was Nicki Minaj Being Petty In Response To Trey Songz ?

For everyone who is just now tuning in it seems as if rapper Nicki Minaj may have finally responded to singer Trey Songz’s, claim that she wasn’t who she was until after “Bottoms Up”. Trey went onto The Breakfast Club last week to promote his new album, “Tremaine” when the question was brought up if Nicki Minaj ever apologized to him after insinuating that he didn’t come to her defense after Remy mentioned in diss song, ‘SHEther’, that he and Nicki slept together. Trey was quick to say she didn’t and she disrespected him, but after the comment “Nicki ain’t have sh*t before ‘Bottoms Up”, we all asked ourselves just how long it would be before she would respond or if she was going to.

Nicki shortly asked her fans to send her a list of opening acts she’s had on tours. What her fans sent in return is what have everyone talking because somehow Trey Songz name ended up on that list which rules out his comments perhaps. Trey later responded with a cryptic response. Though neither has openly tagged each other or commented on the other’s post we can tell something isn’t right in the water.


Trey’s Response:

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