Drake Fans Pissed At Last Minute Cancellation

Drake managed to piss off a big chunk of his European fanbase when he decided to cancel a show in Amsterdamn last min due to feeling a bit under the weather. It wasn’t that he was sick that made fans upset. It was his timing as fans were already waiting for Drizzy to come up on stage and perform just to find out he wasn’t.

Some fans have even gone so far as to refer to the beloved Toronto artist as “Drake the Snake,” complaining that after making fans wait for hours outside the venue, his decision to cancel the show was in poor taste, especially considering fans were already in the building when he chose to unexpectedly pull the plug. What is even more disheartening is that when someone took to the stage to deliver the message, upon finding out Drake would not be performing, fans booed the messenger.

Take a look.

#PressPlay: #Drake fans in #Amsterdam are pissed after he cancels his show again due to feeling sick (swipe for more)

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Poor guy. Also poor Drake. I do understand why the fans are upset. They put in all that work and came all the way to see Drake perform just to hear he can’t. We will keep you posted on more of the story.

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