Rick Ross In Court for Kidnapping And Assault Case


Rick Ross appeared in court on Friday in Fayette County for a kidnapping and assault case that led to his arrest sometime back in 2015.  His personal manager Nadrian James was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping after Leo Caceres and Jonathan Zamudio, workers on his property, claimed that Ross and James pistol-whipped and beat them,but Ross claimed self defense.

In 2016 Ross and James asked the court for immunity from prosecution since they claimed they were only defending themselves, and standing their ground and never kidnapped the workers as altercation occurred because it was discovered that workers had multiple people over in the guesthouse.

Prosecutors argued that Rick Ross knew what was going on at the property because he gave the workers permission to have family over for a birthday celebration. The prosecutor said, “They basically lived at the guesthouse full-time”, but Ross’s attorney sang a different song. Attorney Steve Sadow said, “He enters the guest house, which is his property. It’s pitch black at this point. He calls out and no one responds. Mr. Ross is feeling his way against the wall and he reaches here and somebody touches him. He immediately reacts by reaching out and hitting him. (At that point) he orders everybody outside the house, says you can’t be in here.”

Surveillance video from the day of the incident was presented in court.

An attorney had a family emergency, which caused the proceedings to end. Ross is scheduled to return to court on April 4th. Also Ross has been warned not to post anything regarding to the case or the prosecutor on social media.

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