Yandy Smith Gets Tyrese All The Way Together For His Women With Weave Rant

About a week ago singer, actor, model, Tyrese once again got himself into hot water because of his mouth and unwelcomed opinion about black women and their choice to wear weaves and wigs. Not too many were happy with is rant and of course somehow his wife was thrown into that disagreement with him praising his wife for being all naturale.

However, Love and Hip Hop’s Yandy Smith decided to clap back in the most Yandy Smith fashion ever. She sat with BET.com for a facebook live interview and she had this to say.

“If that’s his opinion maybe that works for him in his household, I didn’t see where he said that, but you know I think it’s a personal opinion and maybe that works for him and his new wife, congratulations to Tyrese by the way. I personally love my weave.” She continued, “I love being versatile, my natural hair is amazing, I love going natural, and especially when I’m shooting I love putting units on because it just protects and preserves my hair. You know I don’t like to straighten my hair, my hair is completely natural and curly. So when I straighten it all the time it changes that curl pattern, so to put a unit on, really quickly Tyrese, it helps, it helps conserve my natural hair. And I like to be versatile.”

She then goes on to directly mention him saying, “So if that helps you understand, Tyrese, why some of us do it, I hope you understand.”

That’s right Yandy get your boy ALL THE WAY TOGETHER!

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