Big Sean Is Teaming Up With His Mom To Make Your Kid The Next Music Mogul

That’s right you read correctly. Big Sean will kickoff a Mogul Prep educational initiative starting in April, that will host a series of workshops teaching students in four cities around the nation how to break through the music industry’s glass ceiling. The program will introduce students to roles and careers outside of being a performing artist to create versatility among the youth’s dreams of an entertainment career.

Big Sean spoke with Rolling Stone about his initiative and had this to say. “When I stand on that stage, there are at least 30 other people that have something to do with me standing there. Business managers, publishers, publicists, agents, booking agents, creative directors, lighting technicians, sound guys — all these different jobs that they don’t teach in high school.”

The prep initiative is led by Sean and his mother, who is also a former middle school teacher. It will be structured through 100 hours of courses, interviews and interactivity from several of Sean’s showbiz associates with professionally developed curriculum to enhance the experience. In addition to Detroit, the initiative will branch out into other cities which will include Silver Spring, Maryland, Miami and Atlanta.

Check out the video below.

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