T.I. Throws A Slick Diss At Safaree Regarding Nicki Minaj

Now I know I wasn’t the only one tripping when I saw the chemistry or shall I say tension between T.I. and Safaree. This past Monday when another episode of, Hip Hop Squares aired on VH1 there were 2 distinct moments where Safaree would start doing the robot and T.I. would have this stank look on his face. What the camera’s didn’t show was the exchange between the two when T.I. mentioned something along the lines of Safaree’s ex, Nicki Minaj, and questioning why he was on the show Love and Hip Hop. Of course Safaree responded but not only did he have a comeback for T.I. he had one for Lil Duval as well who was also a guest on the show. Now from looking at the clip the look T.I. gave Safaree made all the sense in the world.

Peep the clip.

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