Upcoming Rapper Famous Dex And Lil Tracy Triggers A Former KKK Leader’s Nerve

In another episode of, How To Anger The Former Leader Of The KKK two up and coming rappers managed to gather the attention of Former Grand Wizard of the KKK,David Duke, when a not so impressive picture of a fan hugged up with the rappers made it’s way to Duke’s twitter.

He took to twitter to make this comment: “Interesting what FaceBook deems appropriate, up to (((their))) standards – and then, what they don’t. Her parents failed, miserably.”

The picture isn’t all that great being that the rappers put, “Lil White Bi*$h” as they are seen here sticking their tongue out towards the girl, but I am not sure what the former leader of the KKK finds more offensive…The fact she is posing with two black men in such a fashion or the caption of the picture. Oh well

Check out the picture and tweet below.

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