Did Iggy Azalea Copy Cat Nicki Minaj In Promo Cover?

Iggy Azalea returned to the rap game announcing over the weekend that she would be releasing her new single, ‘Mo Bounce’ this Friday March 24th and her fans were hyped. She also excited shared the promotional artwork to compliment the track which had some people feeling like the picture was all too familiar.

Azalea can be seen posing in a g-string bikini which many are pointing out that it is way too similar to Nicki Minaj‘s “Anaconda” cover. The resemblance began yet another “Nicki vs Iggy” debate on twitter and the fans of both artists are not really feeling it.

7/28 #ANACONDA on iTunes

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Fan comments were a bit harsh

Do you think Iggy’s cover was a complete rip off or was it just an innocent resemblance?

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