Prince’s Ex-Wife, Mayte Garcia Reveals Some Personal Information About Her Marriage To Prince

Prince’s ex wife, Mayte Garcia shared some incredibly shocking information about her marriage with the late icon Prince sparing no details in her upcoming Memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince  which is set to be released April 4th of this year.

This tell all book details how she first met him down to the first sexual encounter. I know what you are thinking. “They were married…big deal!” But it gets a bit more interesting. Garcia implies when she met him at age 16 there was sexual tension he never acted on until she became of age. She said the two met in 1990 when she was 16 after delivering a tape of her performing at a concert in Germany. The two spoke briefly, and Prince asked Garcia’s age, and for her number. “The encounter lasted forty seconds but it felt like we’d stepped outside of time,” she says.

She goes on to mention that conversation continued over phone correspondence but emphasized that, “We did not have a sexual relationship…He never denied that the occasional impure thought crossed his mind, but he was too wise and decent to take advantage of a 16-year-old girl.”

She later become a background dancer for Prince after graduating high school, and moved in Paisley Park full time with Prince as her legal guardian. A year later, she writes that Prince told her, “I think it’s time,” and advised her to get on birth control.“A week or so later, I wrote in bold in my journal: Feb. 9, 1993 — not a virgin,” she says in the book. “And I drew a winking smiley face. Patience pays off.”

The two would soon marry in 1996 up until 2000 when they split, soon after the death of their son a few days after his birth.

Up on hearing this, some of the fans had mixed feelings and some were even disturbed. Others mentioned that Mayte mentioned this before his death, but it will be interesting what more she has to say in her book.

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