Travis Scott’s Mom Corrects His Twitter Typo

No matter how big and famous you become, your parents will always be just that…parents! Travis Scott mother made her opinion known to her son when he took to twitter misspelling “happiness” in a recent post. “I was once asked my fav place in America to find peace,” the rapper originally tweeted. “Portland is the answer. Took a trip and found happynes.”

Shortly after he caught on to it and this edit wasn’t any better as he wrote, “#happyness.” Momma Scott was not pleased and in short sent him a text “Baby jack it’s spelt happiness,” his mom texted him. “U know we raised you better than that !!” Travis thought this was so hilarious he posted the screenshot on twitter and defended his twitter mishap informing his mom “Y’all know the English vocabulary does not exist here !!”

Check out the pics below.

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