Prince’s Sister Says Last Phone Call From Him May Have Been A Warning

People Magazine shared that Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, in a interview revealed that Prince may have foreshadowed his death in a phone conversation she had with him before he passed away. We will be soon coming close to the one year anniversary of the death of the legend and icon who Medical officials said died from an accidental overdose from the pain-killing opioid fentanyl on April 21st.

She states “About three years ago, he called. He said, ‘I think I’ve done everything I’ve come to do.’ My dad and Prince always spoke in these types of riddles… He knew [he was going to die soon]. And he was preparing me. It’s very clear.” Further in the interview she mentions their childhood and how he taught her to whistle and tie her own shoes, but the phone call she received from him days leading up to his death was a mere warning that he believed his death would soon be approaching.

People Icons: Gone Too Soon will premiere its Prince tribute on Tuesday, March 21.

Check out a preview here.

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