Update: Azealia Banks Takes A Plea Deal In Assault Case

News arrived that rapper Azealia Banks has taken a plea deal amid trial. As previously reported Banks was on trial and facing third-degree assault charges for a breast-biting incident back in December at a New York nightclub. Prosecutors from her current case wanted to use the incident of Banks cutting her sister with a box cutter back in 2009 as proof of the Harlem native’s violent history, but it looks like the plea deal she just took was good enough for now.

The plea deal mandates that she complete anger management, mental health treatment and comply with an order of protection. She’s also to avoid all run-ins with the law during this time. If all stipulations are met, the site reports, the assault charge will be cut down to a disorderly conduct violation. Should she fail to adhere to all conditions of the plea deal, Banks will face up to one year in jail.

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