Rick Ross Takes Shots At Nicki Minaj And Birdman In New Single, “Idols Become Rivals”

It’s no secret that Rick Ross had his beef with Birdman which stems from the controversial incidents between Lil Wayne and Birdman. Though aware of the other disturbing things that have transpired between Baby and Wayne, the issues at heart that set Rick Ross over the edge is when birdman allegedly threw a drink at Lil Wayne at club Liv and Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot up and the blame was aimed at Young Thug. With all of the drama unfolding and it being ugly the whole way through Rick Ross spoke of the situation during his visit with the Breakfast Club back in 2015 before the embarrassing interview that transpired when Birdman came to The Breakfast Club.

Rick Ross also took a shot at Nicki Minaj in a conversation he had with Meek Mill. “I told Meek, ‘I wouldn’t trust Nicki’ / Instead of beefing with ya dawg, you just give some distance,” Ross confirmed these words are lyrics off of his project. Ice cold. Take a listen to the diss song towards Birdman here.

Rick Ross took to IG to shoutout Wayne and let him know this was for him and he had to speak on it, “The level of respect and love that I have for Lil Wayne makes it hard to sit back and not speak on the situation.The streets need you. Being a Boss means having the courage to say the things everybody thinking but scared to say.”

Wayne responded with nothing but love “dam big bro that msg hit me in the heart and put the motivation on automatik start. I needed that. 1 boss 2 another.”

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