The AlliYance-Seltzer Water {MUSIC VIDEO}

Have you ever heard of a LGBT rap group? Brace yourself because they are dope and breaking barriers!

East coast LGBT rap collective The AlliYance presents the music video for “Seltzer Water”, a freestyle track off their debut mixtape The Prequel. Comprised of I.K.P., who recently dropped visuals for “Till The Day I Die” (watch), Billy Hood, EarthTone and producer/engineer Swanny River, The AlliYance’s first collaboration was the “I Be On It” single’.When asked about this single they mention that “Seltzer Water is like the b-side to ‘Sugar Water’. Here we are more aggressive and rebellious, like the difference of how actual seltzer water is more bitter than sugar water is..”

Check out the video to Seltzer Water!

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