Lady Luck Adds Two Cents To Remy Ma And Nicki Minaj Feud

I am just about as tired of reporting about this and hearing about it as the next one but now there’s someone else who’d like the floor. Lady Luck reveals that she was “dragged” into the feud between the two rappers.

Luck states that “Basically they just keep bringing it up because me and Remy had a battle back in 2004 and it’s a highly-acclaimed battle,” she recalled. “People are always saying, ‘Who won?’ People who know real hip hop, they know that I won. People that know what rap sounds like. But people who side with Remy are the people who believe what was told because the judges at the battle that night they were all her friends. You know what I mean? And she had the backing at the time of Fat Joe and once they ran with it, that was it. So the people who believe their side, it’s one thing. The people who know real rap, they believe Luck. So that’s how I got dragged into this because everyone keeps bringing up the battle that we had.” I saw the battle and I will give it to Luck that she killed it but no one asked you about this but the fans.

Let’s be honest…If the fans are bringing you up and not the feuding artist then you weren’t dragged into anything. However she said she isn’t taking sides but decided to take a couple of shots at Remy in her interview with The Daily Dish by saying “Remy has always been jealous of Nicki, and I understand why. Nicki holds a certain position in hip hop that other female rappers may think they deserve or they may feel like she doesn’t deserve it. I can understand. I’m not saying it’s right and I’m not saying it’s proper. But I can understand where her frustration comes in cause she’s been dissing Nicki since she was in jail.” When asked about Nicki she also made it clear she thought that’s what we all were here for to go where Nicki’s at. I totally don’t want any street respect. I totally don’t want any street cred. I want to go where Nicki’s at if you ask me, according to that [and] according to what I want to achieve. In life I would say Nicki’s a better artist all around because she does everything.”

Are you sure this isn’t something you are saying because you are harboring ill feelings between yourself and Remy from past history? It surely sounds like it.

Check out the battle rap between Ma and Luck and you determine the winner.

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