Rapper Khia Taking Her Crush Level On Papoose Too Far

Now the thug misses is no stranger to drama as she took it upon herself to insert herself into the Nicki Minaj vs Remy Ma battle. Though originally she has been vocal on her thoughts of Nicki she’s decided to play nice for Wayne’s sake as she has said in the past. It seems as if now she has taken a side and that is to come for Remy Ma’s husband Papoose. Remy has yet to respond or make a statement towards Khia who is seen wearing a shirt with a picture of Pap and his name on it. As stated on the Love and Hip Hop reunion, when Remy was asked about a fellow cast mate thinking she could take someone’s man that if you think you can take her man take him, “He wasn’t mines to being with”.

Let’s be real Khia is taking her troll level up a notch but let’s not forget who queen petty is…..

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