The Real Reason Behind The Cancellation Of The Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy Fight

I was in just as much shock as the next person when I found out that the fighting match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy was no more. According to Soulja Boy, Chris Brown decided not to sign the proposed contract and backed out however Chris was no longer interested in discussing the matter any longer and has since come forth with a statement of his own.

He took to Soulja Boy’s video commenting under it: “No need for me to disrespect this person any further. He’s hyped up as well as the issue.”  Then takes to his own IG account to discuss the issue further.

“The opportunity to embarrass and do harm to him isn’t even funny anymore,” he continued. “I backed out of the public fight because the money/location and the fact that the real promoters were spooked by ‘GANGMEMBERS’ who wanted to profit off of it. No charity and no point in going through wit it.” Also making claims that have not been mentioned by Soulja Boy that he set up a private gym for him to practice in but never showed up. “I set up a private gym and he didn’t show up,” Brown concludes. “So. There is nothing more to say. It’s not gone happen and we really know the truth here. Love.”

Check out the IG post below.


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