Why he won’t eat the p*ssy

I often times hear some of my female friends complain about being with men who will not, how do you say “go downtown” or they won’t “deep-sea dive” they won’t “save the man in the boat” etc. etc. you get what I’m talking about? these guys do not eat the pussy. 

Usually when I hear this the first thing that comes to my mind is your pussy must be stinky. I mean let’s be honest there are only a few reasons why a man will not lick the pussy:

  1. He’s young
  2. He doesn’t know how
  3. Your pussy stinks

Now the thing is with number two even a guy who doesn’t know how to do it would be eager to try so assuming that you are not dating a kid in junior high school then there is only one reason left as to why your guy won’t do it, it’s because your vagina doesn’t smell great to him. Have you ever opened the refrigerator and taken out some food? Like some leftovers or something and then you smell it first before you eat it and then you make that face if it smells bad and then you don’t eat it? Well that’s what your guy thinks of when he thinks of eating your pussy?

Now let me be honest i’m no slut but I have had my share of women… a lot of women, and when I say a lot I really mean a lot but of all the women that I have slept with or should I say out of all the women that I have had sex with only one maybe two tops have had a vagina that had no smell. Women are quick to tell you that ALL vagina has a smell, not a bad smell necessarily but it has a smell. To women it’s just normal vagina smell but to men it’s not so “normal” and some of us don’t like it. Different women have a different vagina smell and I’m not talking about the stinky vagina smell I’m talking about just the normal regular vagina smell but mind you even though it doesn’t stink like fish it can still be annoying and irritating and offputting, trust me I know that sounds crazy but I’m telling you ladies something that no one else will tell you; sometimes your pungent or strong vagina smell makes a man not want to eat that. I don’t know what you can do to change that or fix it but it’s just not appetizing.

Maybe only let him eat it in the tub or shower. But just keep that in mind next time your man declines to eat you out. 

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