New Artist Weasel Sims Goin’ 4 Nan

Artist Weasel Sims was born on the West side of Chicago, to an infamous drug kingpin.  His father operated of one of the largest, most brutal cocaine & heroin operations in Chicago, none other than “Americas Most Wanted” Rufus “Weasel” Sims.

I came across Weasel Sims at a show in Chicago and was mesmerized by the crowds reaction to his performance.  Weasel, along with his group RAN, (Tae Butch, Jae Haze) incited an electric energy from the audience.  I’ve been following his career closely ever since.  Weasel shared his newest visual which features a video re-enactment of the 90’s movie New Jack City.

In this joint, Weasel ain’t going for nan. Especially when it comes to his career.  (If you are from Chicago, you already know nan is slang for nothin’). Weasel is coming for what’s his in the music game and not letting anyone or anything stop him.  Goin4NAN is a catchy song with a twist, comparing Weasels take over of Chicago to the movie “New Jack City”,  letting us know he will not pay to play, dick ride, or take shit from no one on his rise to the top.  On a snappy beat produced by D.J. Bari, Weasel goes in on the artists who rely on the politics rather than hard work and talent to climb the ranks in the industry.  (Directed by Alexander King).

Word on the street is that Weasel has a project with Freebandz affiliate Loot of RBMG (Rubber Band Money Gang) on an 808 Mafia production set to drop soon.

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