Divergent sequel tops the box office with $50 million

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent opened north of $50 million this weekend, which was easily enough to take first place away from Cinderella.

The other new openers weren’t so hot: The Gunman bombed with $5 million, while Do You Believe? opened to a fraction of God’s Not Dead’s debut.

Insurgent opened to an estimated $54 million, which is nearly identical to its predecessor’s $54.6 million on this same weekend last year. While it would have been unreasonable to expect a Twilight type bump from the first to second installment, it did feel like this franchise had some room to grow.

Unfortunately, it looks like Divergent will wind up like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter, two young-adult franchises where there just wasn’t a ton of domestic gains after the first outing (yes, the final Harry Potter set a high mark for the franchise, but that was a decade later with the addition of 3D pricing).

Insurgent’s audience was 60 percent female, which is actually a slight uptick from the first movie’s 59 percent share. That’s ironic, considering how much attention seemed to be paid to positioning this as an action-packed sci-fi thriller (as opposed to a young-adult romance). The movie received a solid “A-” CinemaScore, and should hold up decently in the coming weeks. A total north of $130 million seems likely.

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