Birthplace Magazine interviews Director Mazi O.

me and cun
OK, our founder Mazi O, also a well known hip-hop video director (and now movie director) recently did an interview with Birthpplace Magazine. A dope and very informative interview, even tho we could have gotten a bigger shout out, lol. Still dope here’s an excerpt, but click the link to read the full interview:

“If you could describe your brand in a few words, how would you describe it? In your opinion, what makes your brand strong and unique in comparison to others out there?

As a music video director I would describe my brand as the “affordable professional.” I think my appeal is my accessibility to the local rapper, and also the platinum selling rapper. I have worked with budgets of $300 and up to $7000, there aren’t [m]any directors like that. You can get an inexpensive director for your video, but have they been on MTV? Hot 97? The Source? Have they worked with hip hop legends? Do they have over 50 million views? Probably not, and if they did they’re definitely going to charge way more than I do. I like the underdog. [How] my brand strength compared to others, is when I cover an event my turnaround is less than 24 hours. When I began, there really wasn’t a 24 hour standard, my brand started that, and now more people are doing it.”

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