Only Built 4 Cuban Linx documentary

One of hip0hops most classic albums is now becoimng a behind the scenes documentary funded by the fans.
Would you like your mixtape reviewed by Raekwon? Of course you would. And now, The Chef is offering this opportunity for a special group of supporters.

So, here’s how you can get Rae to give your tape a listen. If you donate $200 towards the upcoming Only Built 4 Cuban Linx documentary “The Purple Tape Files,” Raekwon will personally review your work.

“I will sit down and review the track submitted,” Rae says in a statement on the film’s Fan Backed page. “Then we’ll open up our personal studios to our favorite artists from the auditions to host a recording session and work with you on how to improve that sound and make something iconic.”

The fine print? Well, there’s a limit of one track per contribution. “Artists may make multiple contributions for multiple tracks to be reviewed,” the site says.

If you don’t have a song for Raekwon to review, backing the film will also get you some other incentives. For instance, $10,000 will get you a crowd funding producer credit, $4,000 will let you spend a day with Raekwon and $2,500 will get you studio time with The Chef.

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